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KOID _ is an ideal and democratic organization, both nationally and internationally, in the form of humanitarian, cultural and scientific research. The purpose of all this: “Contribution to the development of human civilization, paving the road to history” stop while the human race exists in the world.

We are a member controlled organization where the annual meeting is the highest decision-making body. At the annual meeting, which takes place in June of each year, members have the opportunity to influence our work. The annual meeting makes decisions from members or local groups, determines the focus on our future activities and selects advice.

Our board of directors is primarily responsible for operations both in Sweden and in other countries, and appoints an office and a regional office to carry out the work. At the office in Stockholm, there is our Secretary General and our Operations Manager, who directs and distributes the work.
Moscow has our regional branch, in which the regional coordinator is responsible for operations in Russia, Turkey, and other countries. Our local groups are active. Local groups play an important role in our information, public opinion and fundraising efforts.

Board of Directors and elected representatives
KOID is a non-profit organization operated democratically. We have about 700 volunteers, many of whom are selected to be appointed for trust in their local group at KOID. The board is ultimately responsible for the operations. Council members are appointed by the annual meeting. Do you want to nominate a candidate for the council? Contact Information


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