Olga Nikolaenko

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Olga Nikolaenko Ольга Николаенко Olga Vladislavovna Nikolanko أولغا نيكولانكو

Olga Vladislavovna Nikolaenko Born on June 7, 1991 in Kirov, in a family of philologists.

Olga Nikolaenko
Ольга Владиславовна Николаенко (Основатель) Green star icon
Дата рождения 7 июня 1991 г.
Место рождения Киров Город в России.
Страна России
Род деятельност правозащитник, педагог, общественный деятель.
Дата рождения 7 июня 1991 г.


Early life

In 2008 she graduated from the humanitarian class of school No. 57. Studying at the Faculty of Philology of the Russian State Humanitarian University, graduated from the Heder-Institut Leipziger Universitaet courses in Germany.


She worked as a salesman in a bookstore, a nanny, the director of a musical group, the head of the educational project “Free Seminars”, a laboratory assistant at the Ponselet Mathematics Laboratory, a laboratory assistant at the Department of English Philology of the IPI Russian State University for the Humanities, and a laboratory assistant at the Laboratory named after D.A. Prigova, translator from German, teachers of the Russian language, German language and literature, editor. The director of the Center for Adaptation and Education of Refugee Children under the ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE and the project specialist at the State Literary Museum worked. Worked as a Producer of the Energy direction at the University of Children company "Университет детей". Worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at OVD-Info "ОВД-Инфо". Currently - Works in the Summerovo School «Летово».


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